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We're polyglot programmers with proficiency in many scripting languages. We can do custom development on almost any stack but have a special fondness for Python and Go.


If you need help planning or scaling your infrastructure we're your team. Whether it be; bare metal, hybrid, private or public clouds, we know what's up.


Need someone to come in and automate your system? Tired of doing manual deployments and scaling? We're comfortable with many automation tools including; Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Salt.


We offer everything from planning your network, to performing security audits, to helping you scale out your system and everything in between.

We're just a bunch of nerds.

Collectively we have over 4 decades of software development and networking experience, but don’t let our professionalism fool you. Our expertise in the cloud and dedication to quality is a bi-product of being a bunch of nerds that get excited about automating all the things.

In our spare time we do everything from building rockets, to setting up raspberry pi private clouds. When not at our computers we can be found volunteering, spending time with family, and hiking the rockies.

Greg Saunders


Jerry Seutter


Michael Gale


Nas Taha


Our Industry Experts.

We know we can’t be great at everything. In order to be the best at automation we lean on these fine people for advice and support.

Dave Robertson


Michael Stein


Eric Kryski


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If you are looking for custom development, networking consultation, cloud automation, OpenStack implementations, or just a kick-ass DevOps team contact us.


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